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Google Ads Management

Some of our happy clients

Genevia Technologies trusts us to handle their digital marketing

We are responsible for managing the whole digital marketing of our client Genevia Technologies.

  • Weekly status meetings
  • Conversion optimization using Google Optimize
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads
  • Email marketing and marketing automation

Vestelli digital marketing

We are responsible for the whole digital marketing of Vestelli. Including:

  • Weekly status meetings
  • WordPress website maintenance and improvements
  • Conversion optimization using Google Optimize
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

Google Ads management service package includes:

Google Ads account creation, unlimited campaign creation and optimisation, landing page building, conversion tracking set up, monthly meeting and reporting.

Service is tailored according to the customer’s needs. You don’t need to worry about unexpected bills, as our service is fixed-priced.

Ad campaigns

Google Ads campaigns customised for your business.

No limitations

No limitations on the number and type of campaigns.

Landing pages

Selling landing pages with no extra cost.

Monthly meeting

Monthly meeting to stay up to date with results.

Need Google Ads management service?

Contact us to discuss the best Google Ads solution for your business!

Secret of our successful Google Ads management:
tailor made awesome landing pages

Landing pages built specifically for paid advertising improve ad performance and bring better results.

We build landing page for for every product or service you wish to sell. Langing page is consumer-friendly and conversion journey is smooth.

Landing pages are a part of the Google Ads management service and help our customers get better results with no extra cost.

Google mainonta landing paget


During monthly meeting we go through results and plan actions for the next month.

You can follow Google Ads results in real-time or through an automatic monthly report, but we recommend having a monthly online meeting to stay up to date with advertising.

First, we will go through the previous month’s results. What went great and what needs improvement? Then, we will make an action plan for the next month. Should we make changes to the current plan and try something new or continue with the same strategy?

The main purpose of the meeting is to make Google Ads bring more results to your business.

Google mainonta raportti
Google mainonta hakusanamainonta

Search campaigns

Advertising at the last stages of the sales funnel. Your customers are already actively looking for what you offer in Google, so usually Search campaigns bring the fastest results.

More about Search campaigns

Google mainonta bannerimainonta

Display campaigns

Advertising at the beginning of the sales funnel. If you want to strengthen your search campaign results or it is hard for potential customers to search for your products, then Display campaign can be a suitable tool for you.

More about Display campaigns

Google mainonta youtube

Video campaigns

Video is proven to be the most powerful way to raise interest in product or service. With video campaigns you can target your video ad to the right audience and pay only when the customer does not skip your ad. Video ads are primarily shown on YouTube, but also on other similar websites.

More about Video campaigns

Google mainonta mobiilimainonta

App campaigns

App campaigns help you find new app users and increase sales within your app. This campaign type uses info from your app to automatically optimize ads across Search, Play, YouTube, Discover, and over 3 million sites and apps.

More about App campaigns

Google mainonta remarketing


With remarketing feature it is possible to target display and video ads to the visitors of your website.

For example, target your ads to the visitors who added the product to cart but did not purchace the product.

More about remarketing

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Google Ads management – FAQ

What is Google Ads management price?

Google Ads management service cost is 650 €/month + advertising budget. We provide a fixed-priced Google Ads management service for business customers.

Do you bill extra for ad account opening or existing account audit?

No. There is only one fixed price of 650€/month right from the start. Account opening or audit is included in our management fee.

Some typical tasks we do right at the start of collaboration:
– Ad and Analytics accounts opening
– Conversion tracking set up
– Keyword research, Audience research
– Landing page optimisation
– Landing page building

What is a good advertising budget?

Google Ads costs include Google Ads management service fee and Google advertising budget (paid to Google).

We recommend min. 1000€/month advertising budget (33€/day) for our customers. The advertising budget depends strongly on the competitiveness of your business area and your marketing goals.

We tailor advertising budget suggestion for each customer on request.